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We're searching for the next GOTR SuperGirl and her trusty sidekick, the SoleMale!

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2017 Goal: $10,000, which will go towards $26,730 in scholarship requests for 2017.

Our GOTR guys have cheered us on year after year, so we thought we'd give them one chance to participate . . . but just one chance! Each year ONLY one male earns the right to run the Stark County Spring Girls on the Run 5k as the SoleMale—an honorary side kick to the SuperGirl or SuperSquad of his choice—through this unique online fundraiser.

How it works:

  • Each potential SoleMale will sign up for an online fundraising account online between February 1, 2017 and March 24, 2017. (There is no set-up fee.)
  • Choose your SuperGirl(s)--if you do not have a GOTR participant this year, you may select a team as your SuperGirl Squad. (Contact us for details.)
  • Once registration is complete, you will receive access to a customizable webpage. Update this page with your plea to be the next SoleMale and send the link out to friends and family.
  • At 5:00 pm on Friday, May 19, 2017, the online SoleMale fundraiser will close,
  • The SoleMale and his SuperGirl or SuperGirl Squad will be announced on at the official GOTR SoleMale Coronation on Friday, May 19, 2017 at 6:00 pm (during packet pickup at the GOTR 5k).

What you'll receive:

  • Guaranteed program registration for your GOTR girl if you raise $175 by February 21
  • Personal and customizable online fundraising webpage
  • Fundraising tips and ideas
  • Fun Incentives
  • Raise enough funds to cover the cost of the scholarships on your team & your team gets to add an inspirational phrase or team name to the back of their shirts!


  • Any male interested in becoming the SoleMale can sign up as a fundraiser until March 24. The highest fundraiser on May 19th will be the next SoleMale.
  • The SoleMale does not have to run the 5k. Walking, skipping, prancing, and strolling are all welcome and encouraged.
  • All online donations are charged immediately and go directly to Girls on the Run of Stark County.
  • All donations are nonrefundable.
  • All donations raised go to Girls on the Run of Stark County, regardless of whether the potential SoleMale wins.
  • The SoleMale must be able to pass a background check. If the winning SoleMale does not meet this requirement, he will not be permitted to participate and the next highest fundraiser who meets this requirement will be selected.
  • Girls on the Run of Stark County reserves the right to refuse participation in the 5k for any reason.
  • Any offline donations received must be delivered to GOTR Stark within 1 week. Proper donation receipts and records of all offline donations must be kept by all participants and should be made available to GOTR Stark upon request or the close of the fundraiser.

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2017 SoleMale Contenders

Updated: March 14, 2017

See how all of our SoleMale Contenders are doing online here.

Jason Evans hopes to run with his daughter and her team at Louisville Elementary.

Kevin Fowler hopes to run with his daughter and her Heart & Sole team at Northwest Middle School.

Ryan Kienzle is a North Canton Middle School Guidance Counselor, who hopes to run with the NCMS Heart & Sole team.

Jonathan Schnee hopes to run with his daughters and their team at Lake Elementary.

David Wells who hopes to run with his daughter and the Orchard Hill Pink & Green Teams.


Meet the 2016 SoleMale: Mr. James Wooley!

We're incredibly thankful to all who donated to each SoleMale Contender's campaign and for the efforts of each SoleMale Contender! They raised a total of $2,914.27, which will help us launch our Fall Season (which includes a Guys-Too 5k!)

James Wooley: $1,431.27
Kevin Walsh: $830
Jason Wade: $285.00
Brandon Shackle: $185
Larry Fletcher: $130
John Radtka: $75

SoleMale Coronation SoleMale Receives Crown

James Wooley, a teacher at Middlebranch Elementary in Plain Township, is named the 2016 SoleMale at the 2016 SoleMale Coronation on May 20, 2016. His "crown" was designed by GOTR Stark's first SuperGirl Squad (the Middlebranch Girls on the Run team).

SoleMale Start SoleMale Finish

Our SoleMale showed his Girls on the Run spirit at the Girls on the Run 5k. Despite the rainy weather, he wore the crown and tutu created by his team from start to finish!


2015 SoleMale & SuperGirl

In 2015, five men from Stark County competed for the role of SoleMale:

Chris Henson, a Jackson Township GOTR dad, led the pack with $4,316 in donations.

Joseph Bogdan, an East Canton teacher and GOTR dad, raised $1,789.

Kevin Walsh, a Jackson High School teacher, Cross Country head coach, and GOTR dad, raised $1620.

Eric Whittington, a Canal Fulton resident, GOTR coach, and co-owner of Brimstone Bicycles, raised over $300.

Scott Smith, a Plain Township GOTR dad, also participated in the fundraising event, bringing the total for the event to $8,090!

On April 11th, SuperGirl original, Olivia, passed the SuperGirl crowns on to the new SuperGirls, Emma and Sarah, and our original SoleMale, Steve Marrero, passed the SoleMale crown on to our new SoleMale, Chris Henson of Jackson Township.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored a SoleMale this season!


2014 SoleMale & SuperGirl

Bidding started at $25 when the auction opened on March 29, and reached $300 the day before the auction closed.

The GOTR 5-Year Celebration kicked off at 10:00 am, and by 11:30am bidding had reached $600. During the event, Dr. John Sutton, the GOTR Stark Board Chair, issued a challenge: if anyone passed his planned maximum bid of $1,000--resulting from funds doanted by friends, family, and coworkers, as well as his own money--the full amount would be donated to Girls on the Run.

Bidding took off shortly after this announcement—passing $1,000 within just a few minutes as several of the SoleMale bidders were present. In the last 10 minutes of the online auction, the dining area was filled with chatter as participants checked their phones and shared the highest bid.

Bidding closed at noon with the highest bid of $1,800, placed by Steve Marrero of Massillon. His daughter is a first-year GOTR participant.

As part of their community service project, the SuperGirl chose to allow her team to select the SoleMale's outfit through fundraising for several local nonprofits. The girls selected 4 nonprofits and assigned costumes to each. They then collected donations for each nonprofit. The highest amount raised determined Mr. Marrero's costume. The results were amazing:

American Cancer Society - $554

Akron Children's Hospital - $389

Susan Komen - $365

Humane Society - $267

Mr. Marrero's costume included cancer ribbons and a colorful tutu to represent all types of cancer.

SoleMale 16: Mr. Worley



"I learned that you should always believe in yourself."

2013 Girls on the Run Participant

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